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Stewart Greensmith


Stewart is an enthusiastic, clear-thinking leader with a wealth of experience in various built-form sectors. He is highly sought after to provide strategic and technical guidance in all aspects of project leadership.

With a dedicated focus and deep expertise in healthcare, aged care, research and education, Stewart has been instrumental in developing Bridge42’s project portfolio and knowledge base across these important sectors.

His key strengths lie in developing long-term partnerships with clients, investing in them and providing clear delivery strategies on their complex and multi-faceted projects. This is ultimately to drive commercial returns through testing and optimising the project brief and developing solutions to amplify deliverables, while minimising disruption to ongoing operations.

A strong contributor to the company since inception, Stewart has guided Bridge42 from its initial beginnings when he joined in early 2005 to its transformation as a leading advisory, development and project management consultancy in Australia.

Prior to Bridge42, Stewart’s passion for the sector was sparked through delivering an 800-bed academic hospital in Durban, South Africa, under a public-private partnership model which incorporated a fully electronic patient record system.

In his spare time, Stewart enjoys running, surf ski paddling, playing golf, running half marathons and competing in team events, such as the Half Ironman.

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