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Troy Sorrensen

QLD State Manager

Ambitious, self-motivated and results-driven, Troy is always striving to improve and build upon his varied industry knowledge to provide each client and project with the best possible outcomes.

Troy has a wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple sectors. This allows him to problem solve and adapt to the uncertainties we often face as industry professionals, and the specific challenges within each unique project.

He brings stability to projects, reducing overall risk by resolving issues before they become realised, and facilitating harmony and collaboration amongst diverse teams.

Key areas of expertise include end-to-end project and portfolio management, client relationship management, front-end project planning and approvals, strategic procurement, and whole lifecycle implementation of complex and high-profile, multi-faceted and multi-stakeholder projects.

Troy’s strong leadership, communication and emotional intelligence is proven daily in his role as Bridge42’s QLD State Manager and as part of the management team supporting the company at a national level.

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