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Bridge42 Achieves Net Zero Carbon Service Certification

Bridge42 Climate Active Certification FY22

In addition to recertifying with Climate Active as a carbon neutral organisation, Bridge42 is now also certified as a net zero service provider.


Bridge42 recognises that the built environment sector is a major contributor of carbon emissions, with the construction, operation and maintenance of buildings accounting for almost 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia (source: The Conversation).

As one of the first project management consulting firms to be certified carbon neutral by Climate Active, the company has taken a further step by attaining carbon neutral certification both as an organisation and for our services.

Bridge42 implements a company-wide Emission Reduction Policy to establish top-down, high-level controls and initiatives which contribute to effectively minimising our carbon outputs. We continuously interrogate our entire supply chain, our office presence across four states, plus all of our corporate and client-facing operating activities. We also proactively seek new ways and create innovative solutions in working towards achieving the company’s net zero ambition.

In the inaugural year of certification as a carbon neutral organisation for the FY2020-21 period, Bridge42 had committed to a target of 5% reduction of total emissions in the subsequent financial year.

Our recertification for the FY2021-22 period achieved a 26% reduction in our emissions.

We have now set a target of achieving a further 25% reduction from FY2021-22 by 2025.

Bridge42 also contributes to the Australian Government’s 2030 and 2050 emissions reduction targets by working with clients and partners to better understand their carbon footprint and empower them to commence their respective climate action journeys.

Furthermore, we are providing guidance to clients, partners and other industry members on sustainable built form assets and development projects.

View Bridge42’s Organisation and Service public disclosure statements on the Climate Active website.


Bridge42 Comments


Managing Director, Andrew Durkin, said:

“Bridge42’s continued Climate Active Network member status demonstrates our ongoing commitment to taking climate action.

“The fact that we have exceeded our 5% carbon emissions reduction target by more than fivefold – through meticulous interrogation and proactive minimisation of carbon emissions across all of our assets, operations and supply chains – is a significant achievement.

“The attainment of a new carbon neutral certification for our services further underscores our company’s net zero ambition.

“By providing a Climate Active carbon neutral service, our clients can rest assured that engaging us on their respective projects will not contribute to their business’s carbon footprint.”



Director, Damian Fasher, who leads Bridge42’s Emerging Futures division, said:

“As a company that has successfully achieved Climate Active certification multiple times, we have gained an in-depth insight into how business operations and built form assets contribute to carbon emissions.

“Leveraging this first-hand knowledge and learnings, we are actively encouraging our clients and industry partners to understand their carbon footprint and consider how they can future-proof their business assets and operations.

“We have also received a number of requests from industry colleagues to provide information and guidance around sustainable design and development.

“Bridge42 is currently working on client projects which include developing business cases to discover the ‘true’ future cost of assets, establishing carbon assessments to report on carbon generation, and modelling the long-term year-on-year carbon footprints of built form structures.”

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