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Bridge42 is Climate Active carbon neutral certified

Bridge42 Climate Active Carbon Neutral

Bridge42 is proactively taking climate action and has officially been recognised as a Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certified Organisation!


Following the launch of our company rebrand in October 2021 with a carbon neutral status, we have taken the next step to become a Climate Active Network member.

Bridge42’s Climate Active certification is our commitment to taking dedicated ownership of our emissions, cutting ties to old practices, and igniting ambition to reveal the promise of Australia’s emerging future.

We are aggressively targeting areas of potential emissions reduction every year, balanced by maintaining aspects that cannot be reduced, and applying a highly selective lens for our offset projects.

The impact of our actions so far has been:

  • Enhanced awareness and understanding among staff on how to take climate action.
  • Increased visibility and consideration for decisions and actions impacting the climate.
  • The development and rollout of a company-wide Emissions Reduction Policy.

Through our Climate Active Network membership, plus related activities via our Emerging Futures and other service streams, we also seek to inspire other businesses in starting their own carbon neutral certification journey.

This is reminiscent of our early adoption as one of the first consulting firms to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2012 whereby we have since encouraged and empowered several industry peers to follow suit.


Why go carbon neutral?

The future is shaped by the choices we make today.

Since the communities and cities we are helping to create, must serve people now and for what’s ahead, the future needs us to expose its potential and get after it.

That’s why Bridge42 is taking climate action and revealing the promise of Australia’s emerging future – through our work with clients, partners and industry – to reimagine what’s possible.


Why Climate Active?

Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action.

A unique, government-backed program, the brand represents the nation’s collective effort to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions to lessen our negative impact on the environment.

Climate Active’s carbon neutral certification, one of the most rigorous in the world, is awarded to businesses and organisations that have achieved a state of net zero emissions (otherwise known as carbon neutrality).

The Climate Active stamp also helps the community take action by making it easier to identify and choose brands that are making a real difference.


What does certification mean?

Bridge42’s climate action journey had led to greater appreciation and understanding of the impact of our decisions and actions through our purchases and delivery of services.

We will proactively reduce our consumption of resources, and improve efficiency through identifying and actively targeting costly practices. Immediate future initiatives include:

  • Relocating the Perth head office to reduce emissions and minimise our carbon footprint.
  • Exploring the option of fuel-efficient pool cars.
  • Prioritising Climate Active certified suppliers in the procurement of goods and services

Our clients and partners can rest assured that they are not contributing to greenhouse gas production, nor negative climate impacts, through their engagements with Bridge42.


How are we offsetting emissions?

Bridge42 carefully selects local, Australian initiatives and international offset projects in countries aligned with the Australia-ASEAN Council, which also encourage tangible environmental, sustainable and economic development outcomes.

In the certified period, we supported the following offset projects:

  • Rice husk thermal energy generation project in South Vietnam.
  • 150MW grid-connected wind power electricity generation project in India.
  • Greenfleet native reforestation program.


More information and get involved

View Bridge42’s Climate Active Network member listing.

Download Bridge42’s Climate Active Public Disclosure Statement.

We welcome you to contact us to hear about our certification journey and how we are taking climate action, or to discuss any climate change collaboration opportunities.

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