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Canberra City Renewal Program

Influencing the government, industry and community, building support for the continued growth and reshaping of Canberra into a world-class capital city destination

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City Renewal Authority


Canberra, ACT




  • Cities & Infrastructure
Our Role
  • Development Management

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Advisory

About This Project

The renewal program aims to create a contemporary, lively spaces that will generate creativity, innovation and a diversity of possibilities. Standing the test of time and be a place that Canberrans will be proud of and visitors will remember.

The City Precinct Renewal Program has distilled the existing precinct strategies and plans into a detailed plan of action with a 30-year delivery horizon. Outlining clear demographic and development goals with precinct-wide targets based on the government’s policies.

The renewal is expected to be dynamic, updated as need-basis to consider and adapt emerging trends and priorities. Shaping the growth of Australia’s capital city, the design-led urban renewal aims to make the city heart a great place to live, explore and enjoy. Focusing on social and environmental sustainability.

  • 3.4

    times expected population growth by 2046

  • 3.7

    times expected dwellings growth by 2046

  • 7

    km long and 420 hectares precinct

  • 58

    per hectare expected density growth by 2046

Our Involvement

Facilitation of improvements to CRA’s existing governance and internal processes as well as the introduction of best practice approaches to stakeholder engagement, design, place making, development and project delivery.

Application of robust and innovative social and environmental sustainability principles and programs that will underpin precinct-wide renewal.

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