Our Beliefs


Our organisation is anchored by five brand pillars: our philosophy, our people, our relationships, our assurance and our impact.

When people think of, work within, partner with or engage Bridge42, these are the things for which we want to be known.

  • Curiosity Counts

    Curiosity is the spark behind every great idea, and it runs through the core of our business.

  • It Takes a Village

    Here, no one person succeeds alone. Ours is a collective strength that comes from a legacy of care.

  • A Mutual Endeavour

    Our own ambition rests on the strength and success of the relationships we build.

  • Reputation is Earned

    Here, we don’t leave things to chance. We take ownership by holding each other to account.

  • Beyond a Transaction

    We recognise how our work can transform how people live, work and play.

Bridge42 careers - corporate
Starting Your Career

And Graduate

At Bridge42, we offer a structured Undergraduate and Graduate Program. Recent graduates are employed full-time and have the opportunity to build a long, fulfilling career with us.

We also provide university students with part-time work to fit around their education commitments and the chance to join permanently upon successful completion of their degree.



Want to know more? Get in touch to find out about life at Bridge42. To express interest in joining our team, please send a cover letter and your CV to careers@bridge42.com.au.